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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 200 Investigators with a wide variety of research interests hailing from 50 different disciplines.  Current Investigators and alumni have over 80 discrete research interest categories including health disparities, child and adolescent health, health economics, and many others.  To learn more about awardees, select an Investigator, award year, discipline, or research interest below.

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Name Degrees Award Year Discipline Interests Companysort ascending
Schlesinger,, Mark J. Ph.D. 1993 Economics Competition / Markets, Politics and Policymaking, Public Opinion Yale University School of Public Health
Gerber,, Alan S. Ph.D. 2008 Political Science, Economics Yale University
Marmor,, Theodore R. Ph.D. 2000 Political Science Insurance, Politics and Policymaking Yale University
Christakis,, Nicholas A. M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. 2000 Medicine, Sociology Health Outcomes, Health Risks, Social Networks Yale University
Casalino,, Lawrence M.D., Ph.D. 1999 Organizational Theory, Medicine Physician Practice Arrangements, Competition / Markets, Managed Care, Organization of Care Weill Cornell Medical College
Stevens,, Rosemary A. Ph.D., M.P.H. 1997 Public Health, History Organization of Care, Physician Practice Arrangements Weill Cornell Medical College
Hammer, Peter J. J.D., Ph.D. 1998 Economics, Law Competition / Markets Wayne State University Law School
Marcus,, Amy Dockser A.B. 2006 Journalism Wall Street Journal
Hall, Mark A. J.D. 2004 Law Competition / Markets, Insurance, Medical Ethics Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Bazzoli,, Gloria J. Ph.D. 1999 Economics Organization of Care Virginia Commonwealth University