Dorothy Roberts co-publishes and in the media


Dorothy Roberts (Awardee 2007) co-publishes research in "Journal of Science" titled: "Taking race out of human genetics" on February 5, 2016, she was mentioned in the "Vocativ" news article, "Scientist: The concept of Race has "No Place in Biology" on February 5, 2016, she was also quoted and research mentioned in the "Medical Express" news article, "Removing race from human genetic researchon February 4, 2016. She was also mentioned in the "Christian Monitor" news article, "Are genetics researchers inadvertently perpetuating racial stereotypes?" on February 5, 2016, and she was finally, interviewed in the "NPR" news article, "Is It Time To Stop Using Race In Medical Research?" on February 5, 2016


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Friday, February 5, 2016