Investigator Alumni featured in the American Journal of Public Health

Several Investigator Alumni were featured in the special supplement edition to the American Journal of Public Health released this week.

Peter Bearman (2005 Awardee) authored "Genes Can Point to Environments That Matter to Advance Public Health" (2013; 103 [S1]:S11-S13).

Sandro Galea (2006 Awardee) co-authored "
Rethinking Our Public Health Genetics Research Paradigm" (2013; Vol. 103 [S1]:S14-S18).

Dalton Conley (1999 Awardee) co-authored "
The Challenge of Causal Inference in Gene?Environment Interaction Research: Leveraging Research Designs From the Social Sciences" (2013; 103 [S1]:S42-S45).

Arline Geronimus (1997 Awardee) authored "Deep Integration: Letting the Epigenome Out of the Bottle Without Losing Sight of the Structural Origins of Population Health" (2013; 103[S1]: S56-S63).

Friday, September 20, 2013