Burton Weisbrod

Dr. Burton Weisbrod is the John Evans Professor of Economics and chair of the Institute for Policy Research's Program on Performance Measurement and Rewards at Northwestern University. He has written or edited 15 books and nearly 200 articles and papers on the economics and public policy analysis of nonprofit organizations, education, health, the causes and consequences of research and technological change in health care, poverty, manpower, public interest law, the military draft, and benefit-cost evaluation.

George Wright

Building on a master's degree and further graduate work in Middle Eastern Area Studies, George Wright received a Ph.D. in economic development from the University of Michigan, with a dissertation on the regional dynamics of growth in Iran. He subsequently moved into health economics and worked in private sector research. Dr. Wright was a senior health economist at SysteMetrics and then at Mathematica Policy Research, where he directed numerous studies and program evaluations for the Federal government involving rural health care.