Project Categories

Root Shock: The Consequences of African American Dispossession

Award Year: 2000 Investigator: Mindy Fullilove
Title I of the Housing Act of 1949 was an important federal initiative that funded urban revitalization. Directed at older, core city neighborhoods, these urban renewal projects disproportionately affected African Americans. Dr. Fullilove's project explores the contribution of spatial dislocation policies to current health disparities.

Understanding Health Disparities from an Economic Perspective

Award Year: 2000 Investigator: James Foster
Recent discoveries linking income inequality and various health outcome measures have sparked debate among health analysts about this issue, its magnitude, causes, and linkages. Many economists remain skeptical about the importance or validity of this hypothesis. Using perspectives of economic theory, this study increases our understanding of the nature and causes of health inequalities.

The Impact of Growing Income and Wealth Inequality on Health in the United States

Award Year: 1997 Investigator: Peter Arno
Dr. Arno assesses the impact of growing income and wealth inequality on health in the U.S. He explores the mechanisms through which economic disparities affect health and identifies implications for public policy. Two approaches are used to model the relationship between income and health: an aggregate national time series model and a pooled, cross-sectional time series model using states as the level of analysis.