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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 175 projects in over 90 categories related to health, health care and policy development. Project topics range from health risk, disease prevention, and determinants of health, to public health policy, health care reform, quality of care, and many others. To learn more about specific projects, select an Investigator, award year, or category below.

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Titlesort descending Award Year Investigator Categories
Has The Revolution Come and Gone? The Societal Value of New Psychotropic Drugs 2006 Haiden Huskamp Mental Health, Comparative Effectiveness Research
Health and Megacities: A Neglected Dimension of U.S. Health Policy 1999 Victor Rodwin Urban Health, Comparative Healthcare Systems
Health Care and the American Presidency 2002 David Blumenthal, James Morone Government Agencies, Politics and Policymaking
Health Care Reforms in the United States: Institutions, Alliances, and Policy Feedbacks 1993 Theda Skocpol Health Reform, History of Health Policy and Public Health
Health in Marriage: Policy Implications of Spousal Illness and Death 2000 Nicholas Christakis Family Health, Social Support
Health Policy and the Creation, Distribution and Destruction of Value in the Changing Health Care Market 1995 J.B. Silvers Healthcare Organization, Healthcare Markets
Health, Hardship, and Renewal: Economic Strategies among Black Women Living with HIV/AIDS 2008 Celeste Watkins-Hayes AIDS/HIV
Healthy Adolescent Relationships: Temporal Dynamics, Normative Scripts and the Transition to Sex 2005 Hannah Bruckner, Peter Bearman Adolescent Health
Heel Sticks and Amnios: Disjunctures and Discrepancies in Prenatal and Newborn Genetic Screening 2005 Rachel Grob, Barbara Katz Rothman Genetics, Medical Ethics
History Informing Public Health Preparedness Policy in the 21st Century: A Qualitative Study of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Community Experiences during the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic 2007 Howard Markel, Alexandra Minna Stern History of Medicine and Public Health, Public Health Strategies