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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 175 projects in over 90 categories related to health, health care and policy development. Project topics range from health risk, disease prevention, and determinants of health, to public health policy, health care reform, quality of care, and many others. To learn more about specific projects, select an Investigator, award year, or category below.

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Titlesort descending Award Year Investigator Categories
Consigned to Illness: Individual and Community Models of Socioeconomic Status and Health 2013 Ed Yelin Population Health, Social Determinants of Health
Contested Illnesses: Disputes over Environmentally Induced Disease 1998 Phil Brown Environmental Health
Crossing the Threshold: How Experimental Medical Technology Becomes Standard Care 2000 Richard Deyo, Donald Patrick Comparative Effectiveness Research, Medical Technology
Curbing the Use of Medical Imaging: Searching for Efficient Technology Utilization in a Fee-for-Service World 2007 Frank Levy Evidence-Based Medicine, Technology
Democracy, Leadership and Health Care 1993 Lawrence Jacobs Politics and Policymaking, Public Opinion
Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Theoretical Model of Changes in the Organization of Medical Care 1993 W. Richard Scott Healthcare Organization
Development of a Typology of Risk for Child Health: The Intersection of Social and Medical Factors 1999 Laurie Bauman, Ruth Stein Child Health
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Do Television Pharmaceutical Ads Prompt More Than Just Prescription Requests? 2006 Dominick Frosch, Jose Pagan Pharmaceutical Policy, Consumerism
Disasters, Recovery and Health Care for Disadvantaged Urban Populations 2005 David McBride Urban Health, Disaster Management and Policy
Disease Prevention as Social Change: A Comparative Study of Public Health Policymaking in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and France 1994 Constance Nathanson Comparative Healthcare Systems, History of Health Policy and Public Health