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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 175 projects in over 90 categories related to health, health care and policy development. Project topics range from health risk, disease prevention, and determinants of health, to public health policy, health care reform, quality of care, and many others. To learn more about specific projects, select an Investigator, award year, or category below.

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Title Award Yearsort descending Investigator Categories
Income Inequality, Social Capital, and Health: A New Synthesis 1996 Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce Kennedy Poverty and Health, Social Determinants of Health
Integration of Long-Term Care into the Mainstream: The Case of Nursing Homes 1996 Vincent Mor, Jacqueline Zinn Healthcare Organization, Long-Term Care
Organizational Structures, Cultures, and System Aspects of Safety in Tertiary Health Care: A Comparison with Other High Risk-Industries 1996 David Gaba Patient Safety, Healthcare Organization
Rationality and Consent in the New Medical Marketplace 1996 M. Gregg Bloche Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Healthcare Markets
Social Inequalities in Aging and Health 1996 James House Aging, Social Determinants of Health
Changes in Health Status for Children With Chronic Health Conditions: Perspective on the Dynamics of Changing Scientific Knowledge, Services and Policy 1997 Steven Gortmaker, James Perrin Child Health, Chronic Health Conditions
Firearms and Public Health 1997 David Hemenway Public Health Strategies, Violence
From Targeting to Universalism? The Limits and Possibilities of Institutional Change in the Medicaid Program 1997 Colleen Grogan Medicaid, Health Insurance
Limit-Setting in Managed Care and Other Health Delivery Systems: Legitimacy, Fair Process, and the Goals of Health Care Reform 1997 Norman Daniels Ethical Dilemmas and Resource Allocation, Managed Care
Social Equity, Group Identity, and the Medical Management of Difference 1997 Steven Epstein Human Subjects Research, Social Equity