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Since 1993, RWJF has funded over 175 projects in over 90 categories related to health, health care and policy development. Project topics range from health risk, disease prevention, and determinants of health, to public health policy, health care reform, quality of care, and many others. To learn more about specific projects, select an Investigator, award year, or category below.

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Title Award Yearsort descending Investigator Categories
The Influence of History and Tradition on Public Health Strategies: A Nationally Comparative Approach to the AIDS Epidemic 2000 Peter Baldwin Public Health Strategies, Comparative Healthcare Systems
Understanding Health Disparities from an Economic Perspective 2000 James Foster Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health
With the Help of Their Friends: Lobbyists and Legislators in Health Policymaking 2000 Richard Hall Interest Groups, Politics and Policymaking
Civil Rights and the American Health Care System: Conceptualizing a Law and Policy Framework in the New Health Environment for Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act 2000 Sara Rosenbaum, Joel Teitelbaum Health Care Law, History of Health Policy and Public Health
A History of the Right to Health Care 2001 Beatrix Hoffman Ethics, History of Health Policy and Public Health
An Individual and Population Lifecourse Approach to the Determinants of Health 2001 George Davey Smith, John Lynch Life Course, Population Health
Human Subjects Protection as Regulation: A Comparative, Empirical View 2001 Scott Burris, Zita Lazzarini Human Subjects Research
Nation-States and Population Health 2001 Stephen Kunitz Government Agencies, Population Health
Pain as Policy: The Social Negotiation of Pain in Medicine, Culture, and Public Policy in Post WWII America 2001 Keith Wailoo Health Disparities, History of Medicine and Health Care
Privacy and Surveillance: The History and Politics of Public Health Reporting 2001 Ronald Bayer, Amy Fairchild Public Health Strategies, History of Health Policy and Public Health