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Author(s) Title (of Article/Book/Chapter) Source (Journal/Book/Media Source)sort descending Year Link
Sandro Galea A Public Health of Consequence: Review of the December 2016 Issue of AJPH American Journal Public Health 2016
Richard Hall Lobbying as Legislative Subsidy American Political Science Review 2006
Daniel Carpenter Protection without Capture: Product Approval by a Politically Responsive, Learning Regulator American Political Science Review 2004
David Williams Racism as a Stressor for African-Americans - A Biopsychosocial Model American Psychologist 1999
Carol Ashton , Nelda Wray Outcomes and Resource Use of Sepsis-associated Stays by Presence on Admission, Severity, and Hospital Type American Public Health Association 2016
Sherry Glied Hospital Revisits Within 30 Days After Conventional and Robotically Assisted Hysterectomy American Public Health Association 2016
Eric Klinenberg Blaming the Victims: Hearsay, Labeling, and the Hazards of Quick-Hit Disaster Ethnography American Sociological Review 2006
J. Lawrence Aber , Mary Clare Lennon The Dynamics of Economic Disadvantage and Children's Life Chances American Sociological Review 2006
Jason Schnittker Despair by Association? The Mental Health of Mothers with Children by Recently Incarcerated Fathers American Sociological Review 2012
Thomas Gallagher The Disclosure of Unanticipated Outcomes of Care and Medical Errors: What Does This Mean for Anethesiologists? Anesthesia & Analgesia 2011