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Current Investigators and alumni have written over 1000 scholarly articles on multiple topics and are often featured in major news outlets. Publications and media mentions are listed here and can be searched by Investigator name, publication type, award year, or keyword.

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Author(s) Title (of Article/Book/Chapter) Source (Journal/Book/Media Source)sort descending Year Link
Peter Jacobson Applying Fiduciary Responsibilities in the Managed Care Context American J of Law and Medicine 2000
Richard Frank , Thomas McGuire The Economic Functions of Carve Outs in Managed Care American J of Managed Care 1998
Linda Aiken Failure to Rescue American J of Nursing 2003
Harold Neighbors Uses of Ministerial Support by African Americans: A Focus Group Study American J of Orthopsychiatry 2007
Daniel Carpenter Regulatory Errors with Endogenous Agendas American J of Political Science 2007
Kay Johnson , Alice Sardell Federal Immunization Policy and Funding: A History of Responding to Crises American J of Preventive Medicine 2000
Kenneth Warner Tobacco Control Policy: From Action to Evidence and Back Again American J of Preventive Medicine 2001
R. Adams Dudley An Official American Thoracic Society Policy Statement: Pay-for-Performance in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine American J of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2010
Dalton Conley Welfare State and Infant Mortality American J of Sociology 2001
David Rothman , Sheila Rothman The Hidden Cost of Organ Sale American J of Transplantation 2006