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Current Investigators and alumni have written over 1000 scholarly articles on multiple topics and are often featured in major news outlets. Publications and media mentions are listed here and can be searched by Investigator name, publication type, award year, or keyword.

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Author(s) Title (of Article/Book/Chapter) Source (Journal/Book/Media Source) Yearsort descending Link
W. Richard Scott The Organization of Medical Care Services: Toward an Integrated Theoretical Model Medical Care Review 1993
Theda Skocpol From Social Security to Health Security? JHPPL 1994
Michael Cohen Organizational Routines Are Stored as Procedural Memory Organizational Science 1994
Marc Rodwin Conflicts in Managed Care NEJM 1995
James Robinson Health Care Purchasing and Market Changes in California Health Affairs 1995
Theda Skocpol The Aftermath of Defeat JHPPL 1995
Lawrence Casalino , James Robinson The Growth of Medical Groups Paid through Capitation in California NEJM 1995
Theda Skocpol The Rise and Resounding Demise of the Clinton Plan Health Affairs 1995
M. Gregg Bloche Beyond Autonomy: Coercion and Morality in Clinical Relationships Health Matrix Cleveland 1996
Thomas Oliver Conceptualizing the Challenges of Public Entrepreneurship The Integration of Psychological Principles in Policy Development 1996