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Current Investigators and alumni have written over 1000 scholarly articles on multiple topics and are often featured in major news outlets. Publications and media mentions are listed here and can be searched by Investigator name, publication type, award year, or keyword.

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Author(s) Title (of Article/Book/Chapter) Source (Journal/Book/Media Source) Year Link
Edward Maibach Highlighting consensus among medical scientists increases public support for vaccines: evidence from a randomized experiment BMC Public Health 2015
Michelle Mello Sociodemographic Predictors of Vaccination Exemptions on the Basis of Personal Belief in California American Journal of Public Health 2015
Alan Gerber Partisan Bias in Factual Beliefs about Politics NOW Publishers / Quartery Journal of Political Science 2015
Peter Ubel Value Promotion in Health Care: The Importance of Symmetry JAMA 2015
Keith Wailoo Medicare and Medicaid at 50 Medicare and Medicaid at 50 2015
Harold Pollack Medicare for All—If It Were Politically Possible—Would Necessarily Replicate the Defects of Our Current System Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law 2015
Jennifer Hochschild Do Facts Matter University Oklahoma Press 2015
James Foster Multi-Dimentional Poverty Measurement and Analysis Oxford Press 2015
Andrea Louise Campbell Trapped in America's Safety Net Perspectives on Politics 2015
Victor Rodwin Shanghai Rising: Health Improvements as Measured by Avoidable Mortality since 2000 International Journal of Health Policy and Management 2015