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Current Investigators and alumni have written over 1000 scholarly articles on multiple topics and are often featured in major news outlets. Publications and media mentions are listed here and can be searched by Investigator name, publication type, award year, or keyword.

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Author(s) Title (of Article/Book/Chapter)sort descending Source (Journal/Book/Media Source) Year Link
Rachel Grob A House on Fire: Newborn Screening, Parents' Advocacy, and the Discourse of Urgency Patients as Policy Actors 2011
Joseph Fins A Leg to Stand On: Sir William Osler and Wilder Penfield's "Neuroethics" American J of Bioethics 2008
Barron Lerner A Life-Changing Case for Doctors in Training New York Times 2009
Mark Schlesinger A Loss of Faith: The Sources of Reduced Political Legitimacy for the American Medical Profession Milbank Quarterly 2002
Colleen Grogan A Marriage of Convenience: The Persistent and Changing Relationship between Long Term Care and Medicaid History and Health Policy in the United States: Putting the Past Back In 2006
Vincent Mor A Methodology to Identify a Cohort of Medicare Beneficiaries Residing in Large Assisted Living Facilities Using Administrative Data. 2016
W. Richard Scott A Multidimensional Model of Organizational Legitimacy: Hospital Survival in Changing Institutional Environments Administrative Science Quarterly 1998
Bruce Link A Multilevel Analysis of Income and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Social Science and Medicine 2000
Alan Gerber , Eric Patashnik A National Survey Reveals Public Skepticism about Research-based Treatment Guidelines Health Affairs 2010
Victor Rodwin A New Approach to the Comparative Analysis of Health Systems: Invasive Treatment for Heart Disease in the US, France, and Their Two World Cities Health Economics, Policy, and Law 2007